Face transformations with age

Apparently, I’ll look like a combination of my grandparents and George Bush senior when I’m older.

St Andrew’s University’s “The Perception Laboratory’s Face Transformer” will

  • Project your face forward in time.
  • Project your face back in time.
  • Change your race.
  • Display your face as modified by various artist’s styles.

Take a recent mugshot and upload it at http://morph.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk/

Oskar, projected forward a few years with “The Perception Laboratory’s Face Transformer”

One thought on “Face transformations with age”

  1. haha.. I saw the top half of your face and thought “what’s he put a picture of Wal on his site for? When I saw my first grey hair it was like meeting myself in the future .. I wonder if that is how you felt?

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