Great photographs by Hughes Leglise-Bataille

I can’t recommend Hughes Leglise-Bataille enough.

His photojournalist series on protests by Paris firefighters is amazing. Have a look at it here – “Au feu, les pompiers !”

Demonstrating the power of Flickr and the creative-commons licence, his work has been used or featured on CNN Exchange, BBC World, Salon, and Le Monde, to name but a few.

He’s also the winner of the “National Press Photographers Association” prizes for “Amateurs Photoblogs” on both “News” and “Photojournalism”.

One thought on “Great photographs by Hughes Leglise-Bataille”

  1. Amazing he got so much out of one event!

    Its as if he is looking for the stuff heros are made of.. Does he get involved in any out there dangerous photojournalism

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