London Hackspace Website - Before


London Hackspace Website - After


As you may know, I’m a member of the London Hackspace, a community-run Hacker Space in Hoxton. As a member, you get to play with pretty much everything: programming, Arduinos, electronics, and even Liquid Nitrogen (assuming the pledge goes well!).

I’ve taken some time to re-organise the homepage, based on an original design concept first discussed in 2011, using and html5. I hope you like it! More importantly, I hope it helps build momentum at the space, and that they might get new members out of it.

I’m using the following historical image as a guideline - That sketch is something Russ’ friend put together, and Russ posted to the infrastructure group on 24th Jan 2011 (!)!topic/london-hack-space-infrastructure/nUlZC7l3PmE shows the original emails.

Here’s the github link for the updates, assuming you’re that interested.