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Oskar Pearson

I’m a software architect, project lead, dev-opser, and software development manager living in London.
I run a company called Vivid Compass Ltd. You can find more details on LinkedIn
My wife, Siobhan Pearson, and I were married in January 2011.
We’re the sum of what we do, but also we’re the sum of who we spend our time with, and I’m proud to spend my time with Siobhan, and honoured that she chooses to spend her time with me. Thank you!
In Johannesburg, South Africa, I was one of the founders (in 1999) of Qualica Technologies (Pty) Ltd, a Software solutions provider. I was also a director of Radix Financial Software (Pty) Ltd, a division of Qualica.
We live in a lovely flat with our cat Pippin in London.

London, England / http://www.deckle.co.uk/