Many years ago friends of mine, Alan and Gillian, decided to move to the United Kingdom.

During those days, I was working at Internet Solutions, and was regularly working through the day, night, and weekends. The Internet was young (at least for South Africans), and we were building a revolution.

We all knew that staying in contact once they left was not going to be my strong point.

In the conversation, I said something along the lines of “Why don’t I periodically send out an email about how I’m doing to everyone I know? It’ll keep you updated as to how I am. Sure, it won’t be personalised, but at least we’ll be in contact. And with my work schedule I am pretty sure my family wants to know what I’m doing too. I could put them on the list too!”

Alan was…. let’s say… “not in favour of the idea”. I seem to remember threats of physical violence if I ever degraded our friendship with mass broadcasts of how I was and what I was doing.

Blogs aren’t very different from what I was describing. So I must admit I enter the world of blogging with a vague sense of trepidation! 🙂

So hello, and welcome to my first blog entry. In my next entry, I’m planning on covering “why” – why I’m blogging, what I hope you’ll get out of it, and what I’ll get out of it. As I’m still discovering who “you” are, I’d love your feedback – drop me comments or notes.

Oh – I’m glad to say that I still count Alan and Gillian among my friends. Even if I am still horribly out of contact with them.