So, I’m currently on the coach on the way London to Oxford. The bus has wifi access, so I decided to catch up on my blogging a bit.

We’ve been staying at my father’s house in Wolvercote. Technically it’s not “Oxford” itself, but for all intents and purposes it really is.

I’ve been working from home for Qualica. Siobhan’s looking for work, though the stress of the move caught up with her and wiped her out with a nice cough and flu. Thankfully, she’s been feeling better recently, and is again knocking on doors.

Otherwise, we are doing really well. We’re really happy here, and are definitely both happy we made the move. Things will, I am sure, get tough at some stage. But in the meantime we’re just enjoying it!

(I only posted this now, even though I actually wrote it on the bus yesterday.)